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Multi-functional core team

​The core team consists of experienced professionals with a wide array of skills, including clinical development, clinical operations, statistical analysis, data management, benefit risk assessment, business development, general management, premarketing and marketing, legal, HR, IT, finance, project management and regulatory affairs management.


Wide experience, both in pharmaceutical and biotech companies

The members of the core team have each more than 20 year experience in the pharmaceutical industry, both in big pharmaceutical companies and small biotech companies, covering the Benelux, Europe and the USA.  The members of the core team have a proven track record in developing and obtaining regulatory approval for pharmaceutical products.  They have successfully secured private financing and IPO, multiple business development deals, successful in obtaining reimbursement, partnering with other companies.  The members of the core team as well as of the members of the extensive network are dedicated to each other and have worked together for many years, the last years at Movetis and Shire-Movetis.

Core team members

In 1983 Emile joined Organon. He managed the country operations in Taiwan, The Middle East, Brazil and the UK/Ireland, in all of them substantial revenue and profit increases were realized. He was responsible for European operations and finally became a member of the global management team as EVP Global Sales. Key responsibilities next to financial performance were CRM, organizational re-alignment and preparation IPO. Following take-over by Schering Plough he joined the team responsible for integration of the country operations. He left SP to become co-founder of OBS Pakistan, a company that took over all of MSD’s operations in Pakistan in 2008. Emile has been board member in four pharma companies in the Benelux. He currently manages VDS Healthcare and EMSA Healthcare, companies that are partners for healthcare companies seeking to grow their business in Asia, with a focus on China.  Recently Emile became CEO of Progress Pharma NV.

​​​Lieve Vandeplassche.png

Graduated as Dr of Vet Medicine with postdoctorate (Madison, Wisconsin) and PhD (University of Ghent).  More than 30 years of experience in R&D (preclinical, phase I to IV) in the international Pharmaceutical industry with increasing responsibilities from clinical manager (J&J), international clinical lead for Zelnorm (Novartis, Basel), Vice President early development and Pharmacology (Barrier Therapeutics, Princeton), Vice President full development and CDO at Movetis.  Extensive experience in clinical development, regulatory affairs but also medical affairs and Pharmacovilange. Many interactions with regulatory authorities (FDA, EMEA); major contribution in obtaining US approval for Zelnorm and champion for the submission and obtaining approval for Prucalopride in Europe.

Dirk Reyn.pngUniversity graduated Pharmacist (university of Antwerp) and MBA'er (Handelshogeschool, Kellogs, Chicago) with Marketing, Sales, Project Team, Crisis Management, Business Development, investment and general management skills acquired in the international Pharmaceutical industry over a period of 25 years. Launched Prozac as team member and Prepulsid/Pariet and Resolor as team leader in different international markets. Head of e-business excellence center at JNJ. (Co) champion of at least 7 licensing and co-promotion deals for JNJ. Founder and CEO of MOVETIS, a spin-off company from Janssen Pharmaceutica that went public, launched a compound, advanced a late stage portfolio and was ultimately sold to Shire at 524 MM USD valuation. Raised more than 180 MM euro in his capacity as CEO.

Dirk Van Broekhoven.png
Dirk Van Broekhoven graduated from Law School (University of Leuven - Belgium) in 1986 and thereafter specialized in European Law (University of Strasbourg - France).  He has more than 20 years of experience as a legal counsel in the Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, initially at Janssen Pharmaceutica and later on at Johnson & Johnson, Movetis and Shire.  Acted also as HR director at Movetis. 

Marina Cools.png​​Biologist with PhD in virology (University of Leuven, Belgium) who has more than 20 years experience in both small and large Pharma companies (end to end drug development, from drug discovery to full development).  Started her career at Johnson & Johnson as discovery project lead for anti-inflammatory compounds.  Worked as clinical project lead with increasing responsibilities (compounds in dermatology, gastroenterology, hepatology) at Barrier Therapeutics, Movetis and Shire.  Marina is a strong strategic thinker and can motivate teams.

​​Rene Kerstens.pngBiostatistics professional and since 1989 active in several global Pharmaceutical companies (Solvay, Janssens Pharmaceutica, Johnson & Johnson, Tibotec, Movetis and Shire).  Master in applied mathematics from University of Eindhoven (NL) and master biostatistics from University of Hasselt (BE).  Experience with all data related activities within clinical development, data management, biostatistics and medical writing.  Always build good relationship with other disciplines.  Submissions and interactions with EMA and FDA.  Strong in translating statistics for non-statisticians.  Creative and solution driven. Up to date with statistical development and guidelines.

Jourik Ligtvoet.png​​
Jourik brings more than 18 years ICT expertise, with specialization in the pharmaceutical industry.  Having a broad ICT knowledge and data management skills, he builded a cost effective, high quality and centralized ICT organization for Movetis, meeting industrial standards.  Jourik held several positions with increasing responsibilities at Shire-Movetis, Janssen Pharmaceutica/Johnson & Johnson.

Access to Extensive Network

Progress Pharma can rely upon an extensive network of experienced experts and consultants in the Benelux area and beyond who bring additional skills, such as regulatory, intellectual property and patents, CMC, health economics and market access, pre-clinical development, ….

Active members of this network are:

Lars is General Manager of PMD Consulting BV, an independent consultancy firm (project/program management/leadership, general management, change management). PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Leiden University) and Master in Pharmacy (University of Utrecht). Drug Development, Project Team Management, Project Team Lead, Change Management, Process Excellence, Senior Management, and General Management skills acquired in the international Pharmaceutical industry and Consultancy business over a period of 20 years. Global Project Leader at J&J for the development of Intelence®, and Edurant®. Vice President Project Management, Portfolio Management and Process Excellence at J&J/Tibotec. General Manager of mid-sized consultancy firm (Kinesis Pharma), and General Manager and co-founder of 3D-PharmXchange.

​​​Patricia Robinson.pngPharmaceutical industry consultant formally trained in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Experienced in Clinical R&D, Benefit Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Health Authority interactions. Management and leadership experience. Extensive experience in “issues” management, including complex regulatory procedures involving product development and safety issues.


Dorine Mulder has an MSc in biochemistry/pharmacology from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (1983), and an MSc in toxicology from the University of Surrey, UK (1981). She was responsible for setting up the regulatory and quality assurance departments at NOTOX BV and has held senior international regulatory positions at Pharmachemie BV, Chiron BV (formerly EuroCetus) and Janssen Pharmaceutica NV. Since 1999 Dorine is an independent regulatory affairs consultant. Dorine is specialized in working for small to medium size pharmaceutical companies, and is used to taking responsibility for all steps necessary to obtain a marketing authorization for pharmaceutical products, including liaison with regulatory agencies to determine the optimal strategy. 

​​Financial Manager experienced in the creation and integration of financial processes, Board reporting, audit, tax and ERP implementation at several Biotech companies funded with venture capital such as Movetis (financial pages IPO prospectus 100M€); Biocartis (pivotal role in relocating Lausanne/Eindhoven to Flanders in collaboration with VIB/FIT/PMV; >15M€ government funding); Multiplicom (financials for Fundraising); Apitope International (consolidation UK-Belgium; Fin. Planning for Clinical trials). Contribution to >15 IWT & EU grants. Previously 10 years active as financial analyst at Janssen Pharmaceutica for in-licensing agreements and financial reporting.   Author of three books on Business Plan, Financial Plan and Venture Capital. He is recognized by the Flemish government as a business consultant for subsidy programs.

Bart is a European Patent Attorney and master in Biochemistry, PhD in Sciences. He was a patent attorney at Janssen Pharmaceutica NV for more than eight years, with the full responsibility in the daily management, including drafting, filing and worldwide prosecution, of a patent portfolio consisting for approximately 40% of Biotech cases and 60% of MedChem cases.  He started as independent consultant with LC Patents in March 2007, mainly focusing on small / medium-sized life science companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.  His current scope of activities includes drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications, freedom-to-operate opinions, patentability assessments, validity opinions, non-infringement opinions, oppositions, and IP contract review.  Bart lectures on different aspects of intellectual property at the University of Antwerp and the University of Hasselt and has been invited as speaker on seminars from C5 International and Leuven Inc.

Dr. Dubois is the Managing Director of Patient Value Solutions (PVS) Consultancy and acts also as principal consultant in health-economics and patient-reported outcomes research. Formerly Dominique was Director Health Economics, L&A and PRO liaison, Global Health Economics & Pricing at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Services (1995-2008).   From 1981-1994, he was area medical director at Pfizer Central Research, responsible for the management of Phase II and III clinical trials in Benelux and Switzerland.  Dr. Dubois holds a Diploma of Doctor in Medicine at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and is a physician specialist in Pharmaceutical Medicine. He is a Board member of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK, and the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians.

Mr. Baert studied at the University of Ghent, Belgium where he obtained the degrees of Pharmacist, Industrial Pharmacist, Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Technology and a MBA.  Lieven's expertise is within CM&C.  He worked for Merck Canada, Jansen Pharmaceutica, and others.  Lieven founded his consultancy company, Jalima Pharma, and is an independent CM&C consultant.