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​Asset-centric business model

Actual trend towards asset focused drug development and financial de-risking:

  • Centered on the progress of a single drug candidate towards the next stage
  • Reducing development time and costs
  • Risk sharing
  • Higher capital efficiency

Highlights of Progress Pharma's business model:

  • A distinct legal entity (Newco) is built around a specific drug candidate 
  • Progress Pharma provides expertise in drug development
  • Securing funding via risk capital
  • Progress Pharma sets up a dedicated team to organize the development activities on behalf of Newco
  • At the completion of the development step(s), the asset is returned to the originator or sold/licensed-out to a partner

Flexibility: model can be adjusted in function of specific needs of the parties

Drug candidates

Origine of the drug candidates: pharmaceutical and biotech companies, universities, divestitures, …

Key focus of Progress Pharma:

  • Development stage: Proof of Concept, Phase I or Phase II
  • Disease area: GI, CNS, Pain, Dermatology, Diabetics, Asthma and Allergy, Immunology, Urology and Women's Health

Why involve Progress Pharma:

  • Need for additional development knowledge 
  • Insufficient internal financing due to other priorities 
  • Geographic expansion
  • De-risking the next stage of the development